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We had 15 people that were going to be in our wedding party. One groomsman was going to be solo, then we found a partner for him making the total 16 people standing with us when we were getting married. We did not want to be cramped inside a limo where you have to crawl in and out. This is especially helpful for my Best Man who has just had knee surgery. We made it easy and fun for everyone to be together by renting a Platinum Party Bus. This is a great idea for weddings, proms and other events where a larger groups of people are going to be together.

The seating in the buses is not like your old school bus where everyone faces forward. The space is outfitted more like a room with seating that faces toward the center. There are areas to keep drinks cool, and they have great light and sound systems. Some have big screen TVs.More Link

Most people who have Netflix Canada will complain from time to time about how we do not get the same exact shows on ours that American people do. We all like to get a laugh out of it and complain. But the downside to that is that the company has lost some customers here because they want to see more. And the good news is that is now possible!

All I had to do was get a VPN and signed up for an account that would let me do it. I had heard about it from an Internet forum that I like to hang out in online. Everyone there was talking about it and everyone sounded so excited.More Link

I learned a lot in the military. I took every class and training that I could. I certified in everything I was allowed to. I also was able to complete my degree as well. I did not want to go into the professional sector as a civilian working for someone else. I wanted to be a consultant who gets hired to do civilian training for the corporate sector security services. To get my name out there I needed a pro who does web design for service leavers. I watched guys who left the service hype themselves who have had minimal training. I worked for the last 10 years as an instructor, and wanted to transition my expertise into the corporate sector of civilian life.

More and more corporations are hiring military professionals to train their private security forces. These guys are not operational on the domestic front.More Link

Book Your International Flights From Different Countries

People often don’t realize just how much cheaper it is to book international flights at discounts in another country. There are certain methods to do this and save you tons of money.

Now supposed you have a relative in Switzerland and you live in the US or you’re planning on a much needed vacation. Try purchasing a one way ticket to Switzerland and then purchase a one way ticket back to US there. That’s a few hundred dollar savings immediately.

Book International Connecting Flights Outside Country

You can use the same concept of booking those international connecting flights in one of the countries you’re visiting.

Use your online flight booking skills in a case where you are visiting more than one country. Let’s say France and Italy for example. Purchase a one way to France and when you get to France purchase another ticket to your destination in the same manner. You’ll saving yourself over %50 if you would have booked it in the US

Book Your International Flight During Off Season

Sounds simple enough but people still do quite the opposite. This can result in as much as a %40 or higher price in ticket sales.

Do research on the cheapest seasons to book international flights. I often find winter to be one of the best but make sure you check the country you’re traveling to see what season they are in too.

To travel international flights make it easy for yourself. Don’t be afraid to book your travel in the country you’re traveling to. If you want true discount international travel these are some of the best ways to do it.

So just remember in closing in order to have the cheapest flights and tickets remember to: Book your international travel in other countries. Purchase one way tickets for connecting flights outside the country. Know when the off season is to book so you can get true discount international airfare.

Most often then not, children enjoy traveling to another country to visit families and friends. In fact, some of them look forward to their time away from school, especially their summer break, to do just that. Therefore, as the bags are being packed and the day dreaming commence, you can bear these tips in mind.

Own Passport

If your son/daughter is sixteen years old and over, if it is not required in your country that he/she have a passport of their own, it is still a good idea to apply for one for him/her.

Many countries accept this form of identification in their day-to-day dealing with its visitors. Therefore, if you will need to supply any form of identification for him/her (Hotel, duty free shopping) etc., this will be perfect.


Children also look forward to making new friends while they are traveling internationally and with this, depending on their age, comes the desire to go swimming, playing and simply having fun with their new friends.

However, this is not such a good idea because this person(s) is still a stranger to your family and of course, they should not go out with strangers.

Instead, volunteer to take them and over all, make sure that they are never left along with strangers.

Let me be quick to add that many hotels offers babysitting services and yes, the caretaker may be a stranger to you and your child, but of course, persons who are in a place of trust is not spoken of here. Nevertheless, if you decide to use this service, make sure that the caretaker is qualified etc.


If your child is adopted, do not forget to walk with the documentation that shows this. This will help to prevent needless delays during your vacation.

Shared Custody

If you are sharing custody of your son/daughter with his/her father, make sure that you take with you a notarized letter from their father and of course vice versa. A letter that clearly states that he/she is aware of the trip and has gave his/her permission to take the young one. The departure and returning date should also be clearly stated.

Dual Citizenship

If your child has been granted the privilege of being a citizen of two countries and you will be taking him/her to visit one such place, it is advantageous to use the passport of the visiting country. That is, if he/she has their own passport and is not sharing yours with you.

Usually, when you are visiting another country, you are subjected to the laws of that land, therefore, using the passport of the country you and your young one is leaving, will not prevent this from happening.

Therefore, if for any reason you will need legal help for him/her and hopefully you will not, the record of her entering there, with this document, would be to his/her advantage.

When it comes to international travel many people simply avoid the topic because they think that it is something that they could never afford. However, once you learn the one easy secret to cheap travels internationally you will be able to enjoy your dream vacations for much less money. Basically the one secret is that you have to make the most of the opportunities that are available for you.

One of the first things to consider when looking at cheap international travels is to think about countries that are cheap to travel to. This means that instead of choosing a well known foreign destination you are going to choose a destination that is not thought about as often. There are many foreign places in the world that are perfectly safe for Americans and very inexpensive.

Some of the best places for cheap travels include South America, Central America, and Asia. Some of the cheapest places in South America are also known for being the most beautiful. Here you can see amazing sites and beautiful picturesque landscapes while only spending around two dollars for a decent meal. Central America is a bit more expensive than South America but it is still a considerable amount less than travel to someplace else like Europe. Lastly when you consider many countries in Asia, it is very cheap once you get there. The only problem here is that at times it could cost a considerable amount of money to travel to the area.

There are some other tips to make your international travels cheap travels. One of these is that you should consider things that are outside the spectrum of the typical tourist. When you are thinking about where to eat, consider going to a local place where the locals eat. This can save you a huge amount of money on meals. Another great tip is to look into all of the free activities prior to deciding to spend any money on activities or attractions. In some cases there is so much to do for free that you will never have to spend money on activities while on vacation.

The typically wonderful month of May has been sort of wet in the Northeast; however, the summer months are right around the corner and vacation time is beckoning most of us who enjoy travel. I have been awash in articles reading about places, globally, I would like to see and have never been, as well as reading about old favorites with a new perspective. My wanderlust for travel was triggered when my family moved to South America, and I have never been the same.

I happen to know people who have a great passion for international travel. I suppose it is true that we tend to be the company we keep. However, although my immediate circle still loves to get on a plane and explore other countries, I have been wondering about those who don’t. Someone who has done sales in the vacation industry informed me that Americans really do not like to travel internationally.

So, I set out to learn a little bit about this and discover for myself if most Americans cared for international travel or really preferred to stay within the territorial boundaries of the United States. It did not take much more than a cursory search to find screaming headlines about Americans not traveling abroad and information about how Americans really prefer to stay in this country.

William D. Chalmers wrote a book entitled “America’s Vacation Deficit Disorder”. He summarized in an article for The Huffington Post entitled “The Great American Passport Myth: Why Just 3.5% Of Us Travel Overseas!” the following:

42 percent of Americans hold a valid passport
Approximately 9 percent of leisure travelers go overseas (i.e. not to Mexico or Canada)
When Americans travel overseas they go to Europe (35 percent), the Caribbean (21 percent), Asia (19 percent) and South America (9 percent).
The most popular countries are England (9 percent), France (7 percent), Italy (7 percent), Germany (5 percent), Dominican Republic (5 percent), Jamaica (5 percent), Japan (4 percent), China (4 percent), India (4 percent), Spain (4 percent), Bahamas (3 percent) and Costa Rica (3 percent).
6 percent of trips by Americans traveling overseas were to the Middle East, 3 percent to Africa and 2 percent to Australia/New Zealand

So, the obvious question is why such a low number of Americans travel overseas when there is so much to see, get to know and understand – particularly in this globalized world?

If you sit down and think about it, it probably is not very difficult to figure out some of the reasons, real or imagined, that have been posited for Americans not being interested in traveling overseas.

One explanation, which upon reflection probably does make a lot of sense is that the United States is diverse in its geography and topography. If you are looking to do the beach, there are wonderful destinations, including Florida and California. If you prefer to be in the mountains, there is a lot of beauty in the Rockies, for example.

A few other thoughts are that Americans tend to be working a lot more than people living in other developed nations and travel is deemed expensive for many Americans. The United States is the only developed country that does not require companies to provide paid vacation and holiday time to its employees. Most Americans, assuming they receive any paid vacation time, may get a week and if they are very lucky, two. Additionally, Americans find it expensive to travel overseas – despite the fact they can probably get more for their dollar than even in the United States depending on where they travel.

I also read articles about the “Ugly American” who simply is not interested in learning or interacting with any other cultures other than our own. I have been hearing this since I was a little girl taking my earliest flights overseas with my parents.

But, my favorite has to be that Americans are “scared” of the world, which as an American, I think is absurd. This theory – I did not see any studies that supported it as a fact – is that since 9/11 Americans have realized the world is a cold and dangerous place. And, so it goes that the descendants of the continent’s early settlers, the fighter’s the American Revolution, World Wars I and II, the explorers who first broke the speed of sound, landed on the moon and continue to figure out ways to break boundaries are too afraid to leave our national borders.

Whatever the reasons Americans have for wanting to vacation domestically, it seems that there is a romanticized remnant of Americans and overseas travel, perhaps, started with great American aviators such as Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes. The reality is, however, if you are looking to plan some vacation time outside of the United States, the likelihood is your American friends won’t be joining you.

Have you always wanted to be a travel agent and enjoy the job’s many amazing benefits? Thanks to the Global Travel International income opportunity, you can operate your own travel agency from your home! You sell packages and earn commissions-it is as simple as that!

Global Travel International was started in 1994 by Randy Warren and Michael Gross who wanted to start a travel agency that was not bound to a brick and mortar office the way most travel agencies are. They wanted to build a business that could easily be made into an international franchise and help travel agents learn how to use web based technologies to benefit travelers as well as the agencies that cater to them.

Thanks to Global Travel International, travel agents both new and seasoned have a resource to help them learn how to take advantage of web-based travel booking, web-based marketing tools and web-based business support. Since its inception in 1994, this company has grown to be a leader in international travel and they are inviting people to become agents within their company.

One of the biggest benefits to becoming an agent with Global Travel International is that you will become eligible for fantastic travel benefits and enjoy traveling at a much lower rate than you would travel commercially. These benefits in addition to the commissions you will earn from each sale will allow you to travel in ways you had only previously dreamed.

As an agent for Global Travel International, you will earn between five and ten percent commissions of most of the reservations you book through the company. You will earn commissions on hotel reservations, car rental reservations, cruise packages and vacation packages. Depending on how many reservations and packages you sell, you could qualify for commissions that are as large as ninety percent of the total sale.

You can also sign up to be an affiliate of the company and earn thirty five dollars for each person you persuade to join the company. You then also earn commissions off of the sales they make. This company also offers a fourteen day money back guarantee on the money you put forth to enter the program.

The only draw back we can see for signing up for the program is that we couldn’t find anything that states how much it costs to get started with the company. Other than the fact that the start up capital isn’t stated clearly, we can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t sign up to be a member of Global Travel International and start taking advantage of the plenty of membership benefits offered by the company.

Overall, this multi level marketing opportunity looks like a very straightforward program. Sign up, sell packages and earn commissions. You also earn a commission for each person you refer to the Global Travel International income opportunity. While there is no prominent information on how often agents are paid or how much it costs to start up, it would be nice if other MLM opportunities were this easy to understand.

International travel is exciting because you get to meet new people from far away countries. You get to immerse yourself in exotic cultures that perhaps you’ve only read about in books and magazines. While traveling internationally is a great way to open your mind, you want to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings at all time. Remember, you’re a foreigner in a foreign land. It pays to know before you!

3 Safety Tips When Travelling Internationally

Don’t look like a tourist. If you dress like a tourist you could potentially put a target on your back. You may be more susceptible to pick-pockets than someone who knows how to blend in with the locals. While it’s exciting to be immersed in another country, remember that you’re a foreigner. Don’t announce to everyone you meet where you’re from and how long you’ll be in the country. This may sound like paranoia but you want to smart about your travels. Get to know people (the best you can) before you start divulging personal information. If you’re not good at reading people, you could be setting yourself for an adventure of another kind that could you leave you stranded. While your experience would make for a great travel article, if you’re a ‘newbie’ traveler, you may not be prepared to handle the situation.

Be aware of your surroundings at all time. Become an observer when you travel. Notice everyone and everything around you. What are they wearing? What language are they speaking? What color are the buildings? What are the names of businesses? Take everything in and try to memorize everything that’s around you. Also, you’ll want to remember where your lodging is. Take a business card and carry it with you because it will have the name, address, and other pertinent contact information. Familiarize yourself with your lodging, the neighborhood, and the people.

Learn how to speak the language. You don’t have to be fluent in French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages, but it’s a good idea to know how to say ‘key words and phrases’ that could help you if you get into a ‘sticky’ situation. Also, the locals will appreciate it if you make an effort to speak their language. They could be more inclined to help you if you require assistance.

Traveling internationally is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. It’s sad to think that you may stay in your backyard, never taking the chance to visit another country. It’s your choice but there’s more to life than what is in your own backyard. Meeting people from different cultures can open your eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking. This may scare you, but it’s good to challenge your beliefs and thoughts. Be bold and brave and book a trip to a foreign country. Ask a friend or family member to go with you. If they’re not interested, you can always sign up for a tour. You won’t be alone and you’ll make new friends. What are you waiting for? Go for it — happy travels!

According to statistics, almost half of the American population accounts to the nations travel expenditures whether it be local or international destinations. You as a travel enthusiast should have likely heard about the Global Travel International business opportunity.

Before you go out and make a decision to join the Global Travel International business you have to be well informed. By knowing how GTI (Global Travel International) actually works you are at an advantage to make a calculated risk decision. After all, it is your hard earned cash.

1) How Global Travel International Got Started

We turn back the clock all the way to 1994. There were two college roommates namely Randy Warren and Michael Gross set out to build a travel agency which was not restricted by geographic location or bound by typical overhead. Hence, Global Travel International was started.

They had a goal in which Global Travel International would market and distribute travel in a new global economy. By referring to their own press, Global Travel International is a 9 year-old licensed, bonded and accredited travel agency, and is endorsed by the world’s major airlines, hotel chain and travel suppliers.

2) Your Compensation Plan With GTI

You can start out in with Global Travel International by registering to be an Independent Travel Agent. What happens is that your commissions are paid to your based on travel packages reserved via GTI. This would amount to about 5-10% of the payout rate on hotels, car rentals, and so on.

Your commission checks are sent out once a month and paid to you on average 30 to 60 days after the date the travel once you have met the $50 minimum payout. It should be good because you are not only your clients with are getting a good deal with Global Travel International but also you get paid a cut.

3) Truth About Global Travel International Business Opportunity

There is one variable about this company though. You cannot really predict that you will get a very huge earning potential. Why? Its a general problem which is not just limited to Global Travel International. Fact is, most people book their own travels now.

You will find an abundance of travel websites online that travel agents are becoming an endangered species. Also, your chances of huge success would be to really latch on to the network marketing concept behind the Global Travel International residual income leverage.

So although the potential to make good income with Global Travel International is valid, you need to not only ensure large group bookings. But also ensure the agents enrolled under you are making good sales as well.

Final Tip

We know that Global Travel International continues to advertise discount benefits to encourage participation in their home based business opportunity. Truth is, even is you are interested your financial breakthrough is determined by being able to market online by getting targeted prospects.

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